You are more than training data



You are a unique person with your own needs and goals.

We become your partner and accompany you individually, holistic with always new impulses on your way to new successes.

Wholistic endurance training


Ride pain-free and efficient

Twopart concept
Push your limits
Strength and mobility limit the bike fitting. Don’t let them limit you.
Experience an optimal ride feeling
Painfree and more pressure on the pedals

You sit good already?
Even with professional cyclists we still find hidden potential.

From 279 Euro


Experience diagnostics on the gold standard

Discover Adjusting Screws
Use your strengths and unused potentials.

Training Recommendations
Learn how to reach your goal.

From 132 Euro


Your goals, your time

Holistic training – better coping with training

Train sustainably
We integrate an individual strength and mobility training into your training plan.
Support your training with an optimized nutrition strategy.

Personal Support
Your trainer is your permanent contact person in matters of training.

From 69 Euro / month

Achieve your goal.

We will be happy to advise you free of charge.

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Wallbergstrasse 5
82024 Taufkirchen


Björn Kafka

Head of Training

more about Björn

Björn Kafka

Björn is one of the famous faces of cycling. As a former author of the BIKE magazine and multiple book author, his many years of experience in the field of training is in demand. As a partner at waytowin he concentrates on the area of training methodology.


B. Sc. Lea Feder


more about Lea

B. Sc. Lea Feder

Lea studies human medicine and has a bachelor's degree in bioinformatics. She is a partner at waytowin and is responsible for management and for software development for training and diagnostics. She rides for the women's Bundesliga team in Stuttgart, where she competes in both national and international races.


M. Sc. Johanna Mohr

Sportwissenschaftliche Leitung

mehr über Johanna

M. Sc. Johanna Mohr

Johanna studied sports science at the TUM. At waytowin, Johanna, as Sports Science Director, has an overview of the entire performance diagnostics, functional athletics training as well as bike fitting and training planning. She also works as a national trainer for the Deaf Cycling Team.

Finals & Licenses: (among others)
M.Sc. Diagnostics and Training (TU Munich)
Functional Training (A-License)
Functional Movement Screen (FMS) Level 1 & 2
ISCO Bike Fit School Level 1 & 2
Athletics Trainer (A-License)


Experience more

Achieve measurable improvements?
Finally ride painless?
Save time through efficient training?
No more tearing off on the climb?
Simply ride faster?

customer feedback

Waytowin showed me adjusting screws on my engine that I didn’t know before. With an adapted training and competition strategy, I worked on it and constantly improved myself.

Martin Gluth - XC Worldcup Rider

The Ötztaler marathon I have ridden twice so far, 2016 and 2017. Thanks to training plan, structured training and helpful nutrition tips I could cross the finish line in 2017 1.5 hours earlier than in 2016.

Sabrina Kijas - Cyclist Amateur Field

You haven't been to the health check-up in a while?

We recommend all athletes independently of age a sports medical examination before cooperating with waytowin. You can find one of the best addresses in Germany directly at our office in München:

It's not too little time we have, it's too much time we don't use.
– Lucius Annaeus Seneca

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